[the practice of cake of gram Chang young] how does the cake of young of Chang of gram of practice encyclopedia _ of the cake of young of Chang of gram of _ of practice of the daily life of a family of cake of young of _ gram Chang do –

Article introduction

Day-to-day busy work, let you feel very tired? All the year round work overtime, are you already very helpless? Below, mix small cake of gram Chang young is made together like making upForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

1000 beautiful community of Shanghai
Loosen, bring gift to incidentally oneself.

The practice of cake of gram  Chang  young

1. will be white1000 flowers of Shanghai1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
The net makes friend

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai
Candy is put in water, heat 60- – 70 degrees or so, join next stick ground rice and settleclear face, scale sticks ground rice 2: Settleclear face 1, rapid agitate, right nowFall in love with the sea

Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone
Pink lies familiar position of half a lifetime, can make pink has viscosity so, unapt pink can have precipitation, evaporate rises up and downForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Soft hard differ, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
If pursue,the agitate that add pink comes, not too stiff, enter gram, if feel too rare to be able to add a few pink again, too stiff add a few water, not quite sweet can add touch fine saccharic, mix is even, fine saccharic deepen very easily, need not worry.

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